New In: Quo Cushion Concealer*

Quo Cushion Concealer Review Swatch #1 #2

A well concealed undereye is practically a must have nowadays in the beauty world. Both high end and drugstore brands are trying to give you the most pigmented, creaseproof product you can imagine. The new Quo Cushion Concealer is actually steering away from that—promising a more natural finish with sheer coverage. I’ve been testing out two of the three shades that are now available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Quo Cushion Concealer Review Swatch #1 #2

Like I had said this concealer is much more sheer than a lot of the concealers being released nowadays. The concealer also features a cushion tip so that you can apply the concealer on your undereye area (or other areas) easily and mess free.

Knowing the goal of this concealer, I have to say they did a bang on job with the formulation. Very thin and almost gel-like. Despite being so thin, there is still a decent amount of pigmentation to this concealer.

Quo Cushion Concealer Review Swatch #1 #2

Quo Cushion Concealer Review Swatch #1 #2

Shade #1 is a yellow toned concealer that is actually quite perfect for under my eyes. It brightens up the area without making it look like Donald Trump’s makeup artist got their hands on me.

Shade #2 is actually my favourite of the two. It is a pink concealer with just a hint of peach to it. It does a great job neutralizing the dark circles under my eyes. I find that the pigmentation of #2 is better than #1 (ironic, eh?) but still has the thin consistency.

Both are very easy to blend in and haven’t had any issues with creasing. I do set my undereye area religiously but haven’t found it to settle into my lines as much.

Quo Cushion Concealer Review Swatch #1 #2

Overall, I am very happy with how the Quo Cushion Concealer performs. Will I use it for an ultra glam look? No. Will I use it when I’m not wearing a ton of makeup? Absolutely!

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Disclaimer: Products provided for review purposes.

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