fresh.beautiful Skincare Treatment + Promo Code

fresh.beautiful studio Toronto facial treatment review microdermabrasion cold laser

As I dive deeper into the beauty world, skincare has become more and more interesting to me. New molecules, developing state of the art treatments, tailoring things to my own skin. As I pay more attention to the ingredients in my products, I also want to start taking better care of my skin as well. Treatments and facials should slowly start creeping their way into my skincare routine.

So when I was reached out to by the wonderful ladies at fresh.beautiful: the skin studio, I instantly took them up on their offer of trying out one of their services.

fresh.beautiful studio Toronto facial treatment review microdermabrasion cold laser

The fresh.beautiful studio is located at 907 College Street in Toronto and is such a great space. Catering to both skincare services and makeup applications (through the sister company Blush Pretty), there is a dedicated space for both within the studio. You can even see how much the clientele appreciates and loves their experiences by the handwritten notes hung with care in the front room.

fresh.beautiful studio Toronto facial treatment review microdermabrasion cold laser

But let’s get down to the skincare. There are 4 main treatments offered at fresh.beautiful studio, each building upon the last one to cater to everyone’s schedule and budget.

The four services are:

1. be fresh facial – This is a 30 minute treatment that includes cleansing, microdermabrasion, and then moisturizing with a facial massage. It retails for $69.

2. be beautiful facial – This is a 45 minute treatment that includes everything from the be fresh facial plus a 10 minute sheet mask before the facial massage. It retails for $89.

3. be fresh+beautiful facial – This is a 75 minute treatment that includes everything from the be beautiful facial plus cold laser therapy. You can choose between either a red or blue light laser depending on what you want to target. The red light is anti-aging and the blue light helps with acne. It retails for $139.

4. be fresh+beautiful express facial – This is a 55 minute treatment that is exactly like the be fresh+beautiful facial minus the sheet mask. This allows you to receive the microdermabrasion and the laser therapy but in a faster amount of time. This retails for $119.

You can also add on the neck and chest area to your facial for an additional $45 or get your brows touched up and groomed for an additional $12.

fresh.beautiful studio Toronto facial treatment review microdermabrasion cold laser

I received the be fresh+beautiful facial which was such a nice, relaxing treatment. First, my skin was cleansed to remove all the makeup, dirt and oil from the day. After that was the crystal microdermabrasion step. This exfoliates away dead skin cells and unveils a brighter complexion and smoother skin. I had two passes of the microdermabrasion but if you have sensitive skin, one pass may be just enough. It didn’t hurt by any means at all.

The second half of the treatment involves the cold laser and the sheet mask. The cold laser I chose was the red light for anti-aging. The laser emits a specific wavelength of light and this gets down into the deeper layers of skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Both collagen and elastin are essential to keeping your skin youthful looking. Also, more collagen will help smooth out wrinkles and prevent them from forming as quickly because you have a more solid foundation of skin. The sheet mask helps nourish the skin, especially after the dermabrasion. That part was so soothing that I actually ended up falling asleep for the 10 minutes!

To finish everything off, the skin is moisturized and you have a bit of a facial massage. Replenishing the skin and adding a bit more to this already wonderful treatment.

fresh.beautiful studio Toronto facial treatment review microdermabrasion cold laser

My skin was absolutely glowing after my facial. Minimal redness (but those with sensitive skin would be more red) that I didn’t have to worry about looking like Samantha from Sex and the City. Even the day after my skin was noticeably glowing and smooth. I can say that I did experience a few breakouts about 3-4 days after my treatment but this could have been a coincidence or my skin slightly purging after the treatment.

In terms of frequency of treatments you need, you would want to wait a minimum of 6 weeks between treatments so that you don’t overexfoliate your skin. A quarterly visit would be beneficial for your skin though which is very reasonable.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the treatment was that it was at the fresh.beautiful studio. You can tell that they have a passion for providing amazing service and experience and ensuring your skin is in tip top shape following your treatment. It is always nice to support a local business as well!

Now for some great news…..the studio has offered to provide my readers a deal for their 75 minute be fresh+beautiful treatment. Just contact them on their website and use the code Kaitlyn Elisabeth within your message to receive the treatment for $99 (that’s a $40 savings).

til next time…

Disclaimer: Service provided for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

15 thoughts on “fresh.beautiful Skincare Treatment + Promo Code

  1. Laura says:

    Oooh, girl. I’ve been contemplating getting a facial. I definitely need one the way that my skin has been reacting to everything. Their space is so cute!

    My favorite type of skincare treatment would definitely be anything that restores balance to my face–anything that uses serums or even extractions (even though they hurt!)


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