Last Minute Devil Halloween Makeup

Last Minute Devil Halloween Makeup Look

I hope everyone had a wonderful pre-Halloween weekend. I had originally planned on filming a devil makeup look for my YouTube channel but time just didn’t allow it. However, on Friday at about 4pm my friend let me know that our tentative plans for that night were a go. I knew that I didn’t want to repeat my Clockwork Orange costume from the previous night. So I decided to use the devil horns I had purchased for the video.

This makeup look/costume really was a last minute one. Only using items in my makeup collection and having to figure it out in an hour or so. I decided to reuse a dress I had purchased for my Vegas trip in the summer to make it a sexy glam devil costume.

I love the way that it turned out! A smoked out red and black eye look with some light contouring and a bold red lip. It was relatively easy to create but did take a lot of time when it came to blending.

Last Minute Devil Halloween Makeup Look

Now I’m not going through the steps in fine detail but give you an idea of how I achieved the look.

First, I started with my foundation and concealer but making sure to not set any of it with the exception of baking my undereyes. That way if any shadow fell onto my cheeks it was an easier fix.

Once my base was done, I actually used the ColourPop blush in Fruit Stand as an eyeshadow base so that it started off a bright red instead of using white and risk turning it into a pink look. With my eyeshadow base set, I used a few different red/orange shades on the top part of my eye, extending it out to my temples. The shadows I used came from the Morphe 35O and 35F palette as well as MAC Red Brick. I made sure to add a bit of shimmer to the centre part of the lid just to add dimension.

For the dark aspects of the eye look, I used a dark brown from the 35O palette to create the shape but then deepened it using the black shade in the Morphe 35K palette. When the upper part of my eye was complete, I dusted away my bake and then focused on smoking out the bottom lash line and undereye area. I used the same shadows but made sure I extended them very low. I lined my upper and lower waterline with a black liner and put on a ton of mascara with the Ardell #389 lashes.

For my brows, I used a dark brown shade from the 35O palette to fill them in to make sure they weren’t lost in the look.

For the contouring, I used a bronzer first to add depth to my face and then followed that up with a brown shade from the 35O palette to deepen it up. I then went in with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and a red shade from the 35O palette and ran that through the contour. It tied in the red from the eyes and made the look cohesive.

To make sure everything was seamlessly blended, I used a clean fluffy eyeshadow brush and my Maybelline Fit Me powder to buff out the edges. I love using this technique to achieve that very blown out look.

Finally I used my favourite red liquid lipstick, ColourPop Ultra Matte in Creeper, for the lips.

Last Minute Devil Halloween Makeup Look

I hope you enjoyed hearing about how I put this last minute look together. I love the way it came out!!

til next time…

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