New In: OPI Infinite Shine Iconic Shades & ProStay

OPI ProStay Infinite Shine Primer Gloss Swatch Review Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey Sweet Heart That's Hula-rious Do You Lilac It OPI Red Got the Blues for Red

A little while back I showed you some of the iconic shades that OPI has released in their Infinite Shine collection. I have even more to show you but they’ve also upped the ante with the Infinite Shine system. Now there is the Infinite Shine ProStay Primer and Gloss which features new technology to help your manicure to last longer and be even shinier. 

Now obviously the key items of this update of the Infinite Shine collection are the base coat and top coat. I had to give them a try to see how they measured up against my usual picks (Revlon’s Treat and Boost and Seche Vite).

The Infinite Shine ProStay Primer is my definite favourite of the two. It leaves your nails a touch tacky even once it’s dry. I’m hoping that this means it will adhere to the polish on top even better, creating a super long lasting mani.

The Infinite Shine ProStay Gloss is a relatively thin top coat which is such a departure from my usual Seche Vite. I wouldn’t say that it is necessarily very glossy but I know the polishes are on their own so this may just enhance that. It dried relatively quickly and I put it through the test. I took my hair out of a ponytail about 20-30 minutes after doing my nails. No smudges. Now I did my nails just before bed and did notice some sleep lines in my polish (you know, the slight indentations in your polish that are from your hair or pillow overnight). This doesn’t happen with Seche Vite so I can’t say that I will be reaching for this top coat very often.

Also, I had colour bleeding onto the brush of the top coat so this would not be good for nail art designs as it would make the design run and you’d lose your crisp lines. I also worry about using it on both light and dark shades as you may have that transferred colour incorporate into the top coat itself then slightly change the light polishes you use. Think of it like your whites looking dull after accidentally washing that one dark item with it.

Moving onto the polishes! For all the swatches, I’ve used 2 coats unless otherwise noted.

OPI ProStay Infinite Shine Swatch Review Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey

Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! – This champagne-beige caught my eye at first but unfortunately was my least favourite of the bunch. The nature of the polish leaves visible lines and I needed 3 coats for it to be opaque. What makes this even worse, is when you apply that third coat you can run into some application problems if your second coat isn’t quite dry enough or too thick. I had to fix one of my nails because of the pulling and uneven appearance for one of my nails. I wouldn’t mind using this in a glitter ombré look as the colour underneath the glitter (for that technique, check out this Mani Monday).

OPI ProStay Infinite Shine Swatch Review Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart – I hate to start this post on a truly sad note but the two lightest shades just weren’t doing it for me. I definitely do prefer this milky pink over Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! but it’s just not my kind of colour. This does remind me a lot of OPI’s Bubble Bath but more pink and opaque (you can see a swatch of Bubble Bath in this previous post). Application was pretty easy and the polish self-levelled really well.

OPI ProStay Infinite Shine Swatch Review That's Hula-rious

That’s Hula-rious! – Okay, now we are getting somewhere! Nothing screams spring to me more than a mint green shade. And this one may just be the perfect one in my opinion. It is a true mint green polish with a fantastic cream finish. All I can think of is pistachio gelato and candy when I look at it. Application was great and I can’t wait to rock this in the warmer months.

OPI ProStay Infinite Shine Swatch Review Do You Lilac It

Do You Lilac It? – We are now on a roll with these swatches! This deepened lilac shade is super pretty and super opaque as well. I still needed to apply 2 coats to get a perfect application but this is another shade I am very excited to wear in the warmer months. Would also be perfect for some Easter themed nail art designs.

OPI ProStay Infinite Shine Swatch Review OPI Red

OPI Red – I know that I have enough red nail polishes in my collection but I really think that this one could replace a bunch of them. This midtoned red has a slight hint of pink to it that it gives a raspberry hint to the finished product. Application was a dream and so is the pigmentation. This might actually be the red I recommend to most people if they ask what red would be good for them. Not too flashy or loud, not too dark and vampy. Just a great balance of everything.

OPI ProStay Infinite Shine Swatch Review Got the Blues for Red

Got the Blues for Red – Last but not least, this stunning (and super shiny) deep wine shade. Now, this is an absolute pain to clean up so try and make your application flawless. This shade in particular looks very much like a gel polish by how thick it is in appearance.

Which shades are your favourite from the bunch?

Details about all of these can be found on the OPI site.

til next time…

Disclaimer: Products sent for review purposes

One thought on “New In: OPI Infinite Shine Iconic Shades & ProStay

  1. Cassi says:

    For champagne polishes that are notorious for applying streaky, just sponge the top coat of polish on w/ a piece of cosmetic sponge…it’ll look smooth even if the first 1 or 2 coats were streaky. Finish w/ topcoat and you’re good to go!


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