Review: Blend and Boost Skincare

Blend and Boost Skincare Review Blend & Boost

When science and beauty meet, I’m basically in love and want to know everything. So when I got the opportunity to learn about Blend and Boost Skincare a few months ago, I jumped on the opportunity.

Blend and Boost began with a pharmaceutical company establishing a method to create personalized skincare. Adding the touch of an apothecary vibe, Blend & Boost grew into a company that creates customized skincare for all skin types.

Blend and Boost has a three-step process to ensure that you get the skincare that your skin needs. First, you visit your dermatologist and discuss your skin needs and concerns. During this visit, you will also complete a questionnaire that covers these needs and concerns. Secondly, the results of that questionnaire/visit with your dermatologist will produce a few combinations that would suit you best. Your doctor will pick the unique combination for you and submit this request to Blend & Boost. Lastly, the customized skincare will be prepared in the lab and coded so that reordering is a breeze in the future. You will receive your new skincare within 48 hours.

The great thing about this system is that it also allows for a constant dialogue with your doctor. If something isn’t working for you, you can simply swap out a booster or switch the base to ensure that your skincare works for you throughout the entire year.

Blend and Boost Skincare Review Blend & Boost

So what are all these combinations made up of? Well, there two parts to this skincare line: the base and the boosters. The base is the cream/lotion of the skincare while the boosters are the add-ins that really tailor it to your needs.

There are 5 bases in the Blend and Boost line: Rich Anti-Aging Cream (RAB), Light Anti-Aging Cream (LAB), Moisturizing Cream (MCB), Oily Skin Cream (OSB), and Sensitive Skin Cream (SSB). All of the bases are full of natural ingredients, dermatologist-tested, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free (yay!). Plus they have been tested to be compatible with the boosters that Blend & Boost offers. Although, some cream + booster combinations haven’t been approved by the company until further stability and other tests/experiments are completed.

There are four categories of Boosters: Natural Ingredients, Peptides, Antioxidants, and Patented Technologies.

In the Natural Ingredients category, there is a Blackcurrent and Balloon Vine Complex (soothes skin, nourishes, and works well with resurfacing laser procedures), Beta-Glucans Extract (hydrates, helps skin recover after stress, and minimize lines and wrinkles, and Carob Seeds Vegetal Peptides (helps with water binding, hydration and sealing in moisture).

In the Peptides category, there is Matrixyl® 3000 (reinforces skin structure, reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity), and Tetrapeptide-40 (minimize redness and dilated capillaries).

In the Antioxidants category, there is Co-Enzyme Q10 (helps with fine lines and wrinkles and firmness), Niacinamide (reduces discolorations and minimizes appearance of pores and blemishes), and Vitamin C (a stable form that helps with fine lines, age spots, and brightens the skin).

Finally, the Patented Technologies category contains boosters such as the Hyaluronic MLSpheres (an encapsulated hyaluronic acid that plumps up wrinkles and improves the look of skin volume), Ceramides XBlend (help reinforce the skin barrier as well as reduce water loss from the skin), and Ac.Net (a blend of balancing ingredients that help to minimize shine along with reduce pore and blemish appearance).

I went in to meet with the brand and got to do the questionnaire myself to see what unique combination of cream and boosters would suit my needs. I answered that moisture and wrinkles (or at least the formation of them) were my main concerns.

The results of my questionnaire showed that I should be using the Light Anti-Aging base with two boosters, Snap-8 Solution C and CoQ10 Vectorized System. The base is suitable for someone with normal to oily skin (I had also matched with the Rich Anti-Aging base but liked the feel of the Light one more) and contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, acai extract, and aloe vera.

The Snap-8 Solution C contains a purified form of acetyl octapeptide-3 which is a peptide named argireline. This helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles plus corrects the appearance of expression lines. It also complements any Botox treatments that you get (I haven’t had Botox yet in my life). In studies, it was found that this booster helped reduce wrinkle depth by 35% after 1 month of use.

The CoQ10 Vectorized System is a combination of Coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and vitamin E which helps to provide support for the skin’s antioxidant defenses, improve firmness and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. When looking at skin at the cellular level, this booster was found to increase collagen production which would mean more underlying support in the skin (and reducing the look of wrinkles).

I started using this skincare once I received it in the mail and was happy with the light texture of the product. Although I feel that in the winter I would have to switch over to the Rich Anti-Aging to ensure my skin is getting all the moisture it needs. The cream absorbed very well into the skin and left my skin feeling plump and hydrated. After using this day and night for a couple of days, unfortunately my skin started to break out. I wasn’t sure if this was because of the Blend and Boost product or something else. So I stopped using it for a bit and allowed my skin to get back to normal.

A couple of weeks later, I tried the cream again. Like the last time, a couple days later my skin broke out. Nothing too major but just small bumps on the skin, mainly around my chin area and some on my forehead. I stopped using the product again and waited a couple weeks once more. I tried it finally for a third time and unfortunately the same thing happened.

Now I want to say that if I had gotten this product through my dermatologist, this process would have had a very different outcome. Once my skin broke out, I would have gone to see my dermatologist and we would have discussed what may be causing it and what could be changed with the product. I would have received a new custom blend and tried that to see if it worked a lot better than the first one.

That’s the beauty of this system. Your skin is a very demanding thing at times and can be very picky. It also changes like crazy. The Blend and Boost system allows for customization throughout the year and can adapt to your skin’s needs. With other skincare, you just need to keep randomly trying new products on the shelf instead of being guided by a healthcare professional to tailor your skincare precisely to suit your needs.

I really love that this type of system and skincare is starting to emerge. Being able to customize your skincare gives you the power to get the skin and results you want. Having all the ingredients your skin needs and want in a single product simplifies your life and certainly declutters your bathroom counter. While I didn’t have the greatest outcome with the product, I am so impressed with the level of research and thought that has gone into Blend & Boost.

You can check out Blend and Boost on their site and talk to your dermatologist about the line of skincare. There is also a Contact Us section on the site if you have any questions.

til next time…

Disclaimer: Product provided for review purposes

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