New In: Gliss Hair Repair Color Guard

Gliss Color Guard Haircare Line Review Gliss Hair Repair Review

You should probably know that I take my red hair life very seriously. I’ve been a redhead for over 2.5 years now and really I’ve never looked back. However, I do look at my colour wash away down the drain from time to time. The first couple of weeks after dyeing my hair is the crucial time to keeping your colour intact for a long period of time. If you want to hear all of my tips for the red hair life, check out my video all about it.

The latest products that I’ve been trying out are from Schwarzkopf and are part of the new Gliss Hair Repair collection. There are 5 lines within this collection: Ultimate Repair, Ultra+ Moisture, Oil Nutritive, Extra Volume, and Color Guard. No surprise here, I’ve been trying out the Color Guard for the past couple of weeks.

No matter what line you choose, the Gliss Hair Repair collection has liquid keratin that is very similar to the keratin that is found in your hair. By including a keratin that is close to the one found in our hair, the keratin is incorporated easier and can really start to repair damaged hair.

The Color Guard line helps those with coloured hair (any colour) to battle the dryness, damage, and color fading that happens over time. It helps protect colour for 12 weeks as well as contains UVA/UVB filters to stop the sun from fading your colour. This line contains a shampoo, conditioner, and an express repair product.

I’ve been trying all three products from the line and I’ve been enjoying them all. The shampoo lathers very nicely and just the right amount. It leaves the hair not too dry but you do feel like you need to add a conditioner to ensure your hair is smooth and soft after your shower. The conditioner is a lot thinner than I would have thought for a repair line. The nice thing about this is that you never feel like your hair is being weighed down. But I do think that if you hair is super damaged and coloured, you will need an intensive mask every so often.

Finally, the Express Repair Conditioner is my most favourite of the bunch. It smells like candy, evenly sprays an intense leave-in conditioner that helps seal in the colour and make your hair smooth and luminous. I typically use this like a heat protection before I blow dry and style my hair. But I also use it in the morning once I wake up as a detangler/hair fragrance then leave it to dry while I do my makeup.

Now I haven’t dyed my hair since receiving these products to try but I am nearing the point that I need a touch up on my colour. My hair colour seems to be less faded than usual plus it has a great shine and texture to it after using all 3 products. My favourite product is definitely the Express Repair Conditioner and would highly suggest supplementing your current hair routine with that product if you have dyed hair.

What haircare lines do you love for colour treated hair?

til next time…

Disclaimer: Products provided for review purposes.

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