Swatched: Essie 2017 Resort Collection

On Monday, you saw that I used a couple of the shades from the Essie 2017 Resort Collection to create a retro Mani Monday. Well today I have swatches of all 4 shades from the collection.

The Essie 2017 Resort Collection sets the mood for getaway season and perfectly complements the fashions you’d be sporting while touring around the Amalfi Coast, the inspiration for this collection.

Essie 2017 Resort Collection Resort Romanza Strike A Pose-itano Ciao Effect Sorrento Yourself

Although sometimes I find Essie polishes to be difficult to work with (mainly the lighter shades), I actually loved all 4 shades. No streaking issues, no pigmentation issues at all. The swatches below are all 2 coats and no top coat.

Essie 2017 Resort Collection Strike A Pose-itano

Strike a Pose-itano – This pale aqua blue shade is a great update to the baby blue hues we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. It almost leans towards the turquoise shade but with just a touch extra of blue. This was the shade I was most worried about application but I was pleasantly surprised. No streaking even after applying the second coat relatively quickly after the first. Really nice creamy finish to this polish with a ton of shine all on its own.

Essie 2017 Resort Collection Ciao Effect

Ciao Effect – This is a really unique lavender purple that has some cool toned grey in it as well. It definitely takes away the pastel/almost Easter vibe that a lavender polish can give off. Again, there was no issues with streaking or pigmentation. Two coats were required though to bring out the full intensity of the shade.

Essie 2017 Resort Collection Sorrento Yourself

Sorrento Yourself – If you are in the need of a new take on a neutral polish, you have to give this one a try. A deepened nude with hints of brown and red really do make this shade something I’ve never seen before. The application is also a dream because I didn’t really even need a second coat but did it only to make sure that the polish was flawless on my nails.

Essie 2017 Resort Collection Resort Romanza

Resort Romanza – Okay, I’m typically not a huge fan of pink/coral nail polishes. Just something about them that I don’t love against my skin tone and the way they deepen on my nails after a couple of days. But this polish is a whole other story. I think it’s because it leans so red and its vibrancy make it really pop against my skin. It also doesn’t lose the vibrancy after wearing it for a few days. In certain lights, it is extra vibrant but in dimmer light, it just looks like a rich mid tone pink. I really didn’t need the second coat for this one. Pigmentation and application are perfect with this shade.

Which of the 4 shades is your favourite?

til next time…

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