New Joe Fresh Beauty Spring 2017 Products

Today I have a bunch of new products from the Joe Fresh Beauty line that you can find at Shoppers Drug Mart and Joe Fresh stores. I’ve been trying them all out for the past few weeks and will share my thoughts on them along with swatches.

First up is the Joe Fresh Tinted Lip Balm in Blackberry ($12 CDN) is a twist up lip balm cased in a gorgeous metallic tube that matches the colour of the lip balm. Enriched with shea butter and 5 different oils (maracuja, grapeseed, sunflower, rosehip, and avocado), these lip balms promise to moisturize and rehydrate the lips all while giving a hint of colour to the lips. I can’t get over the gorgeous shade and pigmentation for the Blackberry shade. It gives that popsicle stained look to the lips and a very nice sheen as well.

Now I did find that the texture of the lip balm was a touch waxy which isn’t my favourite thing. These are also scented, I find that it smells like watermelon flavoured gum (which I love). I can’t really say that it is overly moisturizing or softening but it does give that beautiful wash of colour which is perfect for minimal makeup days. This lip balm also comes in 9 other shades.

Next is the Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick in Pink Pearl ($10 CDN) which is a cream highlighter that is super easy to apply because of the packaging/format. It gives luminous finish to the skin and easily blends into the skin. Also, if you are looking for paraben free makeup, this would be a great option. I am in LOVE with the shade of highlighter. The pigmentation is insane but does blend out easily. Now I am not a huge fan of cream highlighters but this shade is too pretty not to keep in my collection. I just try to set it with a powder highlighter afterwards (but one that wouldn’t compete rather just set this cream highlight).

The Joe Fresh 8hr Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Burgundy ($8 CDN) is definitely my most favourite product of the bunch. Beautiful shade and amazing pigmentation all in a kohl liner that is easy to smudge but also sets for the entire day. The burgundy shade compliments a lot of my warm toned eye looks that I have been gravitating towards and is unlike anything else in my makeup collection. The eyeliner also comes in a Navy shade that I feel I have to pick up soon!

Joe Fresh Beauty New Spring 2017 Stick Highlighter Tinted Lip Balm Eyeliner

In addition to all of the above mentioned products, there are also 5 new shades of the Joe Fresh Eye Shadow ($6 CDN/2 for $10 CDN). These shadows promise to be richly pigmented but still blendable and have a silky powder texture. I found that some of the shades lived up to those promises more than others. These shadows can be extremely powdery so just be cautious of fallout when applying. Also, you can easily overblend all of these shades so much so that the colour becomes very sheer or shades blend together too much.

My favourite shades of the bunch though are Pretty Penny and Cinnamon. Both of these shades have great pigmentation and have the fewest problems with sheering out/fallout. Swatches below are Champagne (taupe shade with satin finish), Meteor (blue-gray with satin finish), Cinnamon (midtone brown with matte finish), Cacao (deep brown with matte finish), and Pretty Penny (copper with a satin/shimmer finish).

Joe Fresh Beauty New Spring 2017 Eyeshadow Cacao Champagne Cinnamon Meteor Pretty Penny

Joe Fresh Beauty New Spring 2017 Eyeshadow Swatches Review Cacao Champagne Cinnamon Meteor Pretty Penny

Overall, I am happy with most of the Joe Fresh Beauty items I’ve been trying out. If you are looking to pick up a couple of things, check out the Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick in Pink Pearl, 8hr Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Burgundy, and Eye Shadow in Pretty Penny.

til next time…

Disclaimer: Joe Fresh Beauty products sent for review purposes.

8 thoughts on “New Joe Fresh Beauty Spring 2017 Products

  1. Evelyn Reese says:

    I love the color palette with this line. The waterproof eyeliner would be a winner for me. I will have to research this line a little more and try the colors.


  2. Clarice Mendez says:

    I feel like your reviews of the products are very honest, whether good or bad. Make up is expensive and I hate wasting money, so your honesty is much appreciated!


    • Kaitlyn D says:

      Oh I’m glad that you appreciate it! No sense in making things up or saying I love something that I really don’t. I’d hate it if someone raved about something but actually hated it.


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