Essie Fall 2017 Collection

Essie Fall 2017 Collection | Swatches and Review

Essie Fall 2017 Collection

Happy New Year everyone!

During the Christmas break, I did a big clean out/organized all of my products I meant to review but just didn’t get to. So for the next little bit I will be posting about these products along with anything new that comes my way.

First up is the Essie Fall 2017 collection which is inspired by the rebel spirit of the 1990s. I love the names of the polishes (very reminiscent of Clueless). All swatches are two coats.

Essie Fall 2017 Collection Mixtaupe Swatch

Mixtaupe – Described as a warm ivory with a dash of pink, this is a great neutral shade. It is a bit difficult in application in terms of streaking. I found the best way was, unfortunately, to do a thinner first layer then a thicker second layer. A little worried about wear time with that approach as thicker layers can lead to chipping a lot earlier.

Essie Fall 2017 Collection Saved by the Belle Swatch

Saved by the Belle – This is a light baby pink with a hint of a blue undertone. I’m not a fan of light pinks but this one applied relatively well. Still needed a thicker second coat to ensure a more even application.

Essie Fall 2017 Collection As If! Swatch

As If! – The best name by far for the collection. A powdery periwinkle blue with a hint of a red undertone is my favourite way to wear blue nail polish nowadays. Application was great and the best of the bunch as well.

Essie Fall 2017 Collection Girly Grunge Swatch

Girly Grunge – An ode to the grunge days of the 90’s is this silver-purple metallic polish. Now I do have some of my nails mended underneath which you can kind of tell. This metallic shows every flaw on your nail so I would highly recommend applying a ridge filler beforehand so you get the most perfect application as possible.

Essie Fall 2017 Collection Girly Grunge Swatch

Essie Fall 2017 Collection Knee-High Life Swatch

Knee-High Life – I actually wore this deep red wine shade a few weeks ago at an Essie event and loved the way it looked and wore. It lasted an easy 5 days without any chipping. Now be careful with cleaning up around your cuticles as I did encounter a bit of staining. Same goes with removal in general.

Essie Fall 2017 Collection Dressed to the Nineties Swatch

Dressed to the Nineties – This dark purple with teal shimmer is a gorgeous polish in the bottle but was such a pain to photograph to try and get the shimmer. Once it’s applied and you have two coats on, the shimmer gets lost in the creaminess of the dark purple. I also had a strange experience where my top coat lost it’s shine a day after I wore this polish. It unfortunately made the polish look really dull but was easily fixed with another coat of top coat.

Essie Fall 2017 Collection Dressed to the Nineties Swatch

Essie Fall 2017 Collection Dressed to the Nineties Swatch

Overall, the Essie Fall 2017 collection wasn’t my favourite, even though the names were top notch. Hoping the new Gel Couture line and Winter 2017 collections perform a lot better. You’ll be seeing those collections in the coming weeks!

til next time…

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